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Logo Breakdown - KISS (keep'n it super simple)

I recently worked on a project where I needed to guide a client brand to change the brand logo to something a bit more simple and modern. The client is a long standing brand in China with a traditional mindset - quality driven, product focussed, but in need of a brand make over to stay visually current with the brands it services.

My approach in selling the idea of rebranding the logo, was to show a complete logo history of major long -standing internaitonal brands, the brand history with the changes, a logo element breakdown compared to the major clients the client services, and the importance to building brand value - what brand means to an audience.

It was an excellent exercise in understanding the journey of an identity logo, and how important it is to identify the strength in simplicty.



Miuki Wen e-Commerce

Just a quick post with a quick ecommerce project I designed for an up and coming fashion designer in China, Miuki Wen. After going a few rounds with Miuki, to steer her away from copying another fashion designer, I finally gained some ground in designing somehting somewhat authentic on the ecomm platform, offbiz.




Vine Videos

I started to mess with VINE a while back, in an effort to present a challenge to my design team to create simple brand messages about our capabilities within the firm. The goal was to get them thinking of leveraging the Social platform for non-interruption advertising, and building a brand image style to the way they produce the videos.

Here are some examples I created to get them started. 



Stencil Art

I watched a great movie by Banksy the other day - Exit through the Gift shop.  It reminded me of my days in California when I was running around in various cities doing murials and stencil art.

So, I had a go at it one night recently and it made me rememeber the art thinking in layers and letting paint drift with light settings.


Crown World-wide Group

I finished up an app for Crown Worldwide Group. The focus of the app was for the user to be able to contact select sales staff directly, and be able to get to know a little about the Crown team.
The app also features a section on multiple- shipment tracking, an "About" section to help the user get around a destination, a robust weather forecast section and many more features.

While the app has a long way to go in terms of becoming something the user would use on a regular basis, it serves the initial  purpose of getting users started in the important aspects of moving.

The next phase will involve connecting other users in the same demographic and location, which could spin in to larger opportunities for events and JV programs with other vendors.